Unified Medical Center and Urgent Care Reviews

Brian Felder
27. Jan 2021

The staff was friendly and very helpful. Dr. Lin was great as he took the time answering my questions and did not make me feel rushed with my visit.

Shaye Sullwold
27. Apr 2019

Amazing Doctor. When i went to him a few years back for laser scar removal .... he did magic. GONE. TOTALLY gone! ... i had noticed there were patients in the waiting room for Mohs procedures. When my 90 year old mother was diagnosed w/a melanoma 3 skin cancer, and her regular doctor told her she would have to spend 3 days in the hospital, we went for a second opinion from Dr. Lee ... he looked at it and said he could do it outpatient in his surgery center. DONE, in and out the door in 2 hours. It is 3 months later ... she is fine. She doesn't trust doctors, and Dr. Lee is TOPS on her list! (mine too!)

Timmy Duggger
1. Mar 2022

First off I need to start with saying that Dr Lin and his team are frickin off the hook, they Rock. 7 days for my HMO to clear. 3 days later scheduled for surgery. I was in the office at 9:30 a.m. with a massive cancer bump in the middle of my chest and by 4:00 p.m. or so I had a cute little scar and a future.God bless those people.who does that? Dr Lin and his staff that's who.10 days start to finish.no two months to wait I am totally grateful to these people God bless you one and all sincerely thankful.Timothy f Dugger

Micko Gloria
13. Jan 2021

Friendly staff, clean office and caring providers. Highly recommended 👍🏽